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About Us

We are SVKM’s NMIMS Global Access School For Continuing Education – India’s Premiere Institution for career led education. From being the country’s apex distance-learning establishment of the 20th century to crafting a 21st-century ready connected education platform, our journey has been dynamic and gratifying. Thousands of students have graduated from NGA-SCE and are now fulfilling their hopes and dreams.

SVKM’s NMIMS was founded in 1981 and by 2003, they were awarded the ‘Deemed-to-be-University’ status. However, by 1994, it had become clear that the youth of urban and rural India were looking for quality education, which would supplement their professional career without them having to attend traditional classroom-based courses. This insight marked the birth of NGA-SCE, an establishment with a core focus on open and distance learning. Thus, a merger between technology and academic prowess created a more student-centric platform.

Our programs are designed to help working professionals advance in their career and enhance their employability.

Our Vision

To develop and deliver quality programs, curricula and services to the students with uncompromising work ethic, with the primary intention of nurturing a pool of highly employable professionals honed to live up to 21st Century demands.

Our Mision

We are committed to preparing students to fulfil corporate demands in a globalised world. Our approach to achieving this goal is through the support of technology-enabled learning opportunities complemented with a diverse pedagogy. We further add value by creating a nurturing space for a community of learners to thrive. This environment is characterised by quality, convenience, timeliness and accuracy. Through our values, we vow to create a climate of high expectations for the success of our students and corporate associates

Our Programs

Our programs are designed to help up the skill sets, potential and versatility of working professionals while keeping in mind their busy schedules so that they have an equal shot at becoming leaders in their fields. To stay relevant and updated, we constantly review and revise our curriculum, courseware and pedagogy. Our programs are backed by extensive academic research conducted by our faculty and industry experts. We are committed to providing our students with the room to grow and the tools to flourish so that they have a holistic learning experience during their time with NMIMS Global

Our Programs

Our programs are entitled & recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC) & the Distance Education Bureau (UGC-DEB) of India. In 2018, we were granted Autonomy Category I by UGC (University Grants Commission), thereby giving us a blanket approval to offer programs through open & distance learning modes. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council have accredited us with Grade A+ in its 3rd cycle of assessment in 2018, which signifies the highest standards of academic leadership.

NMIMS Facility

01. Fully Wi-Fi Campus

02. Placement Assistance

03. Central Library

04. Audio-Visual Class Room

05. Computing Center

06. Central Workshop

01. Fully Wi-Fi Campus

02. Placement Assistance

03. Audio-Visual Class Room

04. Central Library

05. Central Computing Center

06. Central Workshop

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